Here are some brief descriptions of the main characters in the story:

Three Sons- Not much is known about the three sons, but we know their father is a farmer. The sons wanted to hear a bedtime story, so they were told the story of Urashima Taro. These boys are rowdy.

Zenta- Zenta is a ronin. When he was seventeen, he got a job as a bodyguard to Tokubei. Zenta lives in Japan, and had an interesting experience involving a hoax and missing time. 

Tokubei- Tokubei is a wealthy merchant from Sakai. He got a bodyguard, Zenta. The two went on a journey, where they had their "missing time" experience.                             

Six-fingered Girl- This girl is a pretty girl, and she has six fingers on her left hand. She was one of the innkeepers of the inn, and she was new to innkeeping.                                        

Male Innkeeper- This man was Zenta and Tokubei's host. He ran the inn with the six-fingered girl. He used to be a samurai. 



Six-fingered Hand- The six-fingered hand was an important part in this story.  

 Samurai- This is a photo of a samurai, just like the male innkeeper used to be.

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