Summary of the Story-

The Inn of Lost Time takes place in Japan. Zenta, an eighteen-year-old boy, was bodyguarding a wealthy merchant, Tokubei. On their journey, the two stopped at a peaceful inn. Zenta and Tokubei wake up the next morning on the ground. They have many reasons to believe that they slept for fifty years lost fifty years of their life. In the end, Zenta and Tokubei realize that the whole thing was a clever hoax. 

Moral of the Story- The moral of the story is that time is extremely valuable. 


I used a turtle widget because, in the beginning of the story, Zenta tells a story to his three sons. There is a turtle in this story (Urishama Taro) who is one of the main characters. I named the turtle Princess because the turtle carried Taro to the undersea, where he lived with the Princess of the Undersea.

 I chose a panda for one of my widgets because a panda eats bamboo, so I thought it related to the bamboo forest. The background even shows a few stalks of bamboo. This is also why I chose the panda's name, Bamboo.

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